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Solid Sol – Energising dead spaces

We are Solid

Solid has the vision that all larger roofs and dead surfaces that Sweden has should produce energy. Renewable electricity should be both produced and consumed locally, to the greatest extent possible. Solid offers a number of different services, from renting the roof of your property to build a solar park, to selling energy produced from dead surfaces.


Our vision is that the dead surfaces we have in Sweden shall become energy-producing and at the same time become Sweden's best producer of solar energy from surfaces that cannot be used for other purposes. It is not always roofs, but can also be a landfill or ground area that cannot be used for anything else.


Solid is composed of first-class expertise in renewables, project management, financing, construction, and installation. With experience from a variety of fields and industries, the team at Solid will ensure the success of its projects.


Partnerships are an incredibly important component of Solid's operations. Having partners who are prominent in their field enables Solid to offer the best overall solution. Solid has partners in installation, legal, real estate, financing and construction, and electricity delivery.

Rental options

Customers can let Solid rent their roofs or land to establish a solar park, where Solid manages the operation, and the customer can either buy solar electricity from the facility or benefit from the revenues of the sold electricity.

Energy Buyers

Property Owners

PPA - Power Purchase Agreement

Solid offers Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that allow your company to buy renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint and providing stable and predictable electricity pricing.

Our customizable PPA solutions enhance your company’s sustainability profile and contribute to a cleaner planet. With Solid as a partner, you take an important step towards a more sustainable future and demonstrate leadership in environmental responsibility.

ppa background

Supplier of green energy

Solid continuously produces electricity from its solar parks throughout Sweden, but primarily in energy zones 3 and 4. If your company is interested in purchasing green electricity over a longer period, please contact us and we will take a look at what we can offer for your specific company. We currently offer this only to companies and not to individuals.

Solar Cell Installations

Our goal is to build the best facilities at the right price. We are not the cheapest, but with our expertise and partners, your custom solar park will be optimally planned and economically viable for long-term energy production. Please contact us so we can take a look at your roof or your land, together we will find the best solution for each solar park.


Our Partners

At Solid, we have chosen to collaborate with partners to ensure expertise in specialist areas. Partners in Solar Cells, Real Estate, Law, Electricity Networks, and Digital Media ensure that all customers receive the best possible solution and product. We are always looking for partners who can join us in building a renewable energy Sweden.

What our Partners Say About Us

A selection of statements from some of our partners and customers.

Solid has proven to be the perfect partner with a forward-thinking attitude and an ability to find solutions that exceed expectations
sesol logo testimonial
Jacob Modin
CCO, Sesol
"The collaboration with Solid enables us to use solar electricity from roofs to power our operations. We know exactly how much we are paying and that the electricity is not produced where crops could be grown, which is important to us."
tempo båstad partner
Tempo, Båstad

What kind of solution are you interested in?

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