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Energy Buyers

Power your business with sustainable solar energy from one of Solid's facilities

Continuous production of solar energy from Solid

Long-term agreements for businesses that desire a green energy alternative

Solar parks spread across Sweden, with a focus on energy zones 3 and 4

Personal customization of energy solutions

Buy Solar Power

It is possible to buy the electricity we produce at our Swedish facilities. The agreements extend up to 10 years and the advantage is that you only buy the electricity from a certain plant, and thus know with absolute certainty the origin of the electricity you buy.

The supply of electricity is handled by one of our partners and there is also the possibility to buy electricity when Solid does not produce, or the need is greater than what the facility produces. There is also the possibility of buying part of the electricity that a plant produces. We call these contracts PPA contracts.

energiköpare rund

Available PPA Contracts Right Now


Number of GWh: 4,5
Connection Time: Q1 2024


Number of GWh: 2
Connection Time: Q1 2024


Number of GWh: 4,4
Connection Time: Q1 2024

What kind of solution are you interested in?

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