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Property Owners

Advantages of renting out your roof

Solid rents the roof of your property to build a solar park, and this provides several advantages for property owners

Capitalize on the conversion away from fossil fuels

Utilize the roof to increase the return on the property

Solid takes care of the financing, installation, and operation of the facility

Tie up less capital and make money on higher electricity prices

Rent out your roof

Solid is a producer of green energy focusing on creating energy from unused surfaces, especially on larger properties exceeding 3000 sqm. Solid builds and owns solar panel installations installed on roofs and also manages their operation throughout the facility’s lifespan. Property owners capitalize by renting out their roofs to Solid, thereby increasing their property’s return.

Solid acts as an external owner of the solar panel installation but not as a consumer of the electricity produced.

For larger properties and intended roof space, an option might be for Solid to build two solar installations on the roof where a 500kW installation is owned by the property owner, and an additional installation that maximizes the remaining part of the roof space is owned by Solid.

This results in maximum utilization of the roof for the property owner with self-produced electricity and generates rental income for the remaining part of the roof space.

Solid also does CO2 calculations related to the property’s CO2 footprint and how the roof’s installation affects these.

What kind of solution are you interested in?

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